Wonderful Examples Of Amigurumi Crochet Toys To Inspire You

Kids love to play with the toys and it is wise to get stuffed toys to the kids under 5 years because the toys made up of plastic or other materials can harm them. It is not necessary to buy the toys from the stores because if the person knows the art of crocheting, then there are many ideas to copy and adorn the kid’s room as well as giving them soft toys to play.

1. Crochet Toby The Cat Amigurumi Pattern

Photo & Free Pattern

2. Little Pedro the Donkey by Ilaria Caliri (aka airali)

Little Pedro the Donkey  by Ilaria Caliri -Free Pattern 
Photo & Free Pattern by Ilaria Caliri

3. Amigurumi Sheep Plush Toy Pattern

Amigurumi Sheep Plush Toy Pattern
Photos and Free pattern